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Far more than a traditional payroll system, the emphasis has been placed upon Management Information and Control, essential for the business user of the future.

Tops is a full-featured, payroll and production control software package designed to meet the needs of forestry contractors and operators. The system is fast and easy to use.

The program is designed to provide overall management, and optimise control over all aspects relating to labour reporting, wage calculations and payments to workers.

Tops caters for all known ways of computing earnings currently in use in the forestry industry.

In addition it caters for all other costs either direct or indirect which need to be allocated to field or harvesting activities.

Because the actual labourers’ work is measured and recorded at source, the record thereof not only provides accurate payment but also the finest data to measure progress of each activity for any period and the true costs thereof.

Pricing and supply details can be obtained from nic{@}concisedata.co.za     Please remove the braces "{ }" from the email address.

Tel: 082 564 9540

N.B. On running TOPS for the first time you will receive a message "Can't find linked tables …". Click OK and navigate to your DemoDataForestry.mdb file and double click it. The tables will be relinked and the program will run as usual from then on.

Once you are familiar with the operation of TOPS you can choose "Different Division" and link to TopsData.mdb to start setting up your own system. Note that using TopsData.mdb will require you to contact us to arrange purchasing and a licence number. If you connected to TopsData.mdb in error you can rename TopsData.mdb then rerun TOPS this time linking to DemoDataForestry.mdb