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Tax Rates

2011 Tax rates are incorporated in TopsUpgrade91

IRP5 Recon

New provisions for 2010 are incorporated. All addresses (Company and Employees) need to be captured into the new address fields

Medical Aid

Capped amounts have been changed to calculate at the new rates applicable at 1 March 2010. Values for previous years are still maintained.

SARS Codes

Some of these have been eliminated. Most notable is 3607 (Overtime) In future 3601 is used.

Pay Duplication


Pension Funds

You no longer need to assign a Clearance number to a pension, Provident fund etc.

Medical Aid

New SARS requirements have been incorporated.


Bi-annual IRP5 import files can now be selected.

Employment Equity

 Improved Return format

Tax Rates

 2012 Tax Rates are included.


Change to maximum earnings.

 Tax Ref Nos

New Spreadsheet Export Query EmployeeTaxRefNos will help in determining which employees do not have a tax ref no.

 Medical Aid

 New Tax Credit has been added. Subject to testing with e@syFile when possible.


 A new version will be created if necessary once SARS have finalised the requirements.


The program will do the upgrade automatically in future. It might be necessary to run the latest upgrade if your data has not yet been upgraded with Upgrade 2010. The program will prompt you if necessary.