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TOPS Real Estate has an extra module which tracks sales, pays commissions and reports on various aspects of the Real Estate business.

A conveyancing section records more sale detail and has more reports. The key feature of this is the ability to create your own form letters to buyers, sellers, conveyancers, pest control and electrical inspectors etc. The standard letters can be printed directly or exported to MS Word for further editing.

The commission report lists all agents within the date period selected in order of greatest commission earned.
The commission earned is listed under the Type headings.
No cognisance is taken of bond commission.
The date period is that of the sale and not the date received.

The royalty report lists all sales on which commission has been received, and calculates the royalty payable inclusive of VAT.

This report shows the income cash flow based on the expected transfer date entered on the sale form. This date is called the Effective Date and is overridden by the actual date as entered in the agents section. Any transfer that has been delayed is clearly evidenced by the gap under Transfer Date.

This lists each agent and his/her sales for the period chosen. The % commissions achieved are shown and averaged at the bottom. Two averages are shown, Simple and weighted. The weighted average takes the value of the sale into consideration.

N.B. On running TOPS for the first time you will receive a message "Can't find linked tables …". Click OK and navigate to your DemoDataRE.mdb file and double click it. The tables will be relinked and the program will run as usual from then on.

Once you are familiar with the operation of TOPS you can choose "Different Division" and link to TopsData.mdb to start setting up your own system. Note that using TopsData.mdb will require you to contact us to arrange purchasing and a licence number. If you connected to TopsData.mdb in error you can rename TopsData.mdb then rerun TOPS this time linking to DemoDataRE.mdb