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Download Program Update

Download Standard & Real Estate Manual


Please print these instructions by pressing Ctrl P or using the menu items File, Print and then follow them out in order.

1)     DO A BACKUP. For each installation of Tops, run Tops / Database Utilities / Repair & Compact / Zip to Backup. This backup is very important. You could lose your data on the conversion.

2)     Click “Download Program Update” and then “Run”

3)     Once the download has completed click “Unzip”.

4)     Run Tops as normal from your desktop icon.

5)     On running the new version of TOPS for the first time you might receive a message "Can't find linked tables …".Click OK and find your TopsData.mdb file under Tops in your C drive and double click it.

The tables will be re-linked and the program will run as usual from then on.

If you have any difficulty, please call Nic on 033 342 4959 or 082 564 9540 for assistance.