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  1. Does TOPS keep a complete history of pay details over many years?
  1. Yes - The simpler versions do not grow much. An archiving system has been developed for the Timber version which can grow to 20Mb or more over a few years. In the event of historic reports being required, data can be restored from the archive.
  1. How does TOPS deal with PAYE?
  1. Each employee has a PAYE setting - Normal, Fixed Amount, Fixed Percentage or Exempt. For the normal monthly case TOPS uses 12 periods. TOPS computes the part period on employment or termination and calculates PAYE accordingly. For each complete month worked a single period is used. This ensures that PAYE stays constant from month to month irrespective of the number of days in the month. In the case where income varies from month to month TOPS projects earnings for the full twelve months and determines the residual PAYE. Tax Refunds are paid where a sharp drop in earnings occurs. (e.g. Commission Earners) For fortnightly or weekly paid employees TOPS uses 365 periods.
  1. Is there a limit to the number of different adjustments which can be defined?
  1. No, some users have in excess of 300 adjustments each with their own description, default amount or percentage.
  1. Can I do direct deposits with TOPS?
  1. Yes. Currently TOPS supports direct deposits for Standard Bank (EFTS), Nedbank (NedInform), MultiData and PayAccSys..